Spring Season Tips

Spring cleaning has sprung! Eliminate pet hair with ease by spraying Static Guard on carpet and upholstery and let dry before vacuuming. Spray Static Guard on clean blinds while in the “closed” position and let dry. This will help prevent dust and pet hair from adhering to them. If you’re planning a picnic or day […]

Clothing and Hair Tips

Dealing with hair static? Don’t be afraid to use Static Guard. First, spray your brush. Then, brush your hair. You will be rid of all static. Turn your chosen outfit inside out and use our static cling spray to get rid of static electricity before it becomes a problem. Get rid of unwanted pet hair […]

Home Use Tips

Stop nighttime static buildup on pajamas by spraying Static Guard on the underside of your blankets before turning in. Let dry before getting in bed. Spray Static Guard on your dry mop for cleaning hardwood and linoleum (not tile) floors. When refinishing furniture, spray a light coat of Static Guard spray on a soft paintbrush […]