Smooth, versatile and delicious, Canoleo® is the margarine that brings more to the table than other spreads. Sourced from beautiful fields of yellow flowers, Canoleo is unique in having canola oil as its first ingredient. This special oil is what gives Canoleo its name – and makes it so easy to use. Straight from the fridge, Canoleo is ready to go. Spread it on pancakes, fresh corn or muffins. Use it in place of butter in all of your favorite recipes, whether you’re cooking or baking. Canoleo is made from the good stuff, free of partially hydrogenated oils, cholesterol*, dairy and gluten. So you can enjoy it without guilt or compromise. Taste the goodness, and you’ll know why Canoleo is the perfect choice for your family.


*Contains 11g fat and 2g saturated fat per serving.


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